Lisa Abt, Director Of Sweepstakes Fulfillment


Lisa has been paying attention to the little details that make an event fun and successful since she started her own event company to work her way through school.  With extensive and varied experience in events, sweepstakes fulfillment and travel, she has a rule that the next trip should be planned before returning from the current one!  Working for Bison has only lengthened her bucket list! 

Get To Know Lisa

Q. What is the best event you have attended?  

A. VIP experience at the Toronto Film Festival including Red Carpet Gala for Cameron Crowe.  A truly exclusive experience, dinner with the stars, film screenings, talk backs.

Q. What is your most memorable client experience? 

A. All of them!  When working in Sweepstakes Fulfillment, you are always delivering good news. Everybody is happy!

Q. What one event is on your bucket list?

A. 50 yard line seats to the Buffalo Bills in the Superbowl.  5th time's the charm!

Thank you for all the work you have done in coordination of my prize and trip. It is rare that I incur such perfection in execution in the business world these days. Your level of courtesy, efficiency and professionalism has been outstanding.”
— Sweepstakes Winner