Cathy Cohen, Director Of Events


Cathy has been an event planner for 20 years. She has extensive experience with both corporate and non-profit event planning, from site selection to on-site event management.  Cathy enjoys watching and attending Chicago pro sporting events (Go Cubs!), as well as traveling in the fall with her husband to different college football stadiums.

Get To Know Cathy

Q. What is the best event for clients to attend?

A.  The Masters because of the WOW factor - being among the elite. A true bucket list item  

Q. What is the loudest major event you have been to over the years?

A.  NCAA Football Championship in Atlanta. This event is a must. People aren’t selling their tickets last minute. It’s the place to be in early January.

Q. What event is the one event on your bucket list?

A.  A suite at the Super Bowl - Bears vs ?

Cathy, what can I say about you? You are organized, professional, know how to handle the athletes, not afraid to play the bad cop with people trying to sneak into the event, and just a great person who made the pre-party a true success!!!”